handsfree baby towel

"I absolutely love the CuddleYou towel for my baby boy. It has made bath-time so much easier and safer. What an amazing invention! Thankyou!"


Bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable recource that's soft, durable and sustainable.

The fibres stay soft even after dozens of washes, making this towel suitable for long-term use.

It absorbs 65% more water than cotton, speeding up drying time and making bath time easier.

Bamboo is anti-bacterial and safe for your baby’s bath time routine.

What our costumers say


This towel is glorious! It is SO soft and I love the fact I don't get wet when lifting our baby out of the bath!!! A must have for anyone looking to make bath time easier and keeping bub cosy, thanks!!! X

Courtney W



I cannot recommend this towel highly enough. The great design makes bathtime, easy, relaxing and a whole lot drier! Not only that but I love the super soft bamboo on my babies skin. So happy with it.

Ameena M



This towel is an essential purchase. I had many problems beforehand lifting my baby out of the bath, wrapping her in a traditional baby towel that barely fitted her body and it slipping off everywhere. It actually caused me to have terrible backache and I dreaded bath time because of all the hassle. But this towel solved all those problems. I wish I had discovered it sooner.


South Fremantle


I never knew a towel like this existed till I found CuddleYou.
Quick and easy to handle, super soft and a decent size. My little one loves to have a nice cuddle after her bath and the best side effect is me staying dry. Quality time pure